Crystals never cease to amaze me…They can’t be completely controlled. It’s as if they were alive.
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Surface installation decorative systems

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Компания Fontini представляет широкий ассортимент новых систем наружной установки для любого декоративного стиля. От витого провода и изоляционных систем для сельских интерьеров до металлических трубок и коробов для помещений в стиле промышленных лофтов.

Behind a successful company, there is always a great team. Professionals who with their daily determination make any project come true. In Fontini we have passion with our work, with the accomplished commitments. We would like to thank you, clients and distributors for trusting us for more than 50 years. You make possible that we create the biggest range of decorative mechanisms in the market.
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